Birthday caviar

  • $30.00
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Whatever color you choose just write in special instructions to seller. Too is pink bottom is hot pink but you can choose whatever color you like.

All nails are shipped in a gift box held down by removable adhesive. All orders include mini nail glue, nail tabs, nail buffer, orange wood sticks, alcohol wipes and instructions for application and removal.

Choose between a pre-sized option of 10 nails sized XS-L, Custom Set (put sizes in note to seller) or Full Set of 24 nails in 0-9. Details below.

XS: 3-Thumb, 6-Pointer, 5-Middle, 7-Ring, 9-Pinkie

S: 2-Thumb, 5-Pointer, 4-Middle, 6-Ring, 9-Pinkie

M: 1-Thumb, 5-Pointer, 4-Middle, 6-Ring, 8-Pinkie

L: 0-Thumb, 4-Pointer, 3-Middle, 5-Ring, 7-Pinkie

Custom: 10 nails 2 of each size that you send in "Add note to order” at checkout. SEE IMAGE BELOW.

Full Set 0-9 will receive 24 nails - 2 of each size 0 thru 9 and 2 extra of size 5 and 6.

Please note that all my nails are hand painted and designed by me.